3 Cattle Investment Opportunities from Indonesia and Australia Partnership

Cattle investment opportunities increase due to the partnership between Indonesia and Australia in the red meat and cattle sectors. Both countries form joint cooperation to support food security so more people can access red meat and cattle products through investment milieu and trade.

The partnership between the two countries has existed for 10 years and will continue up to 2024. Australia Government and project partners allocate AUD 60 million for this cattle business funding. During this period, you cannot skip the huge opportunities to invest or run the business on cattle breeding.

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What Are Cattle Investment Opportunities to Expect from This Partnership?

This partnership has some objectives to achieve and offer more business opportunities for people from both countries and outside. These objectives guide the partnership projects to run on the track. Hence, what kind of opportunities which investors and business players take from it?

  • Supply Chain

One of the cattle investment opportunities from this partnership is the increasing number of investments for domestic and foreign investors. It improves the supply chain for red meat and cattle as more people have global access to it.

It does not only welcome investors from Indonesia and Australia. Even investors from other countries can benefit from this partnership to invest or expand their business in Indonesia through a foreign company or PT PMA.

  • Cattle Population

Contribution to improving the cattle population is one of the cattle investment opportunities offered by this partnership. Since cattle breeding conducted in Indonesia, it helps increase the cattle population in this country by providing high-quality cattle for breeding.

This cattle population improvement conducted aims to meet the high local demand and food security targets through red meat and other cattle products.

  • Beef Products Demand

The beef product demand in Indonesia is considerably high. Hence, it is not surprising if one of the objectives of this partnership is to respond to the increased demand for beef products in this country.

It provides various red meat and cattle products to meet the needs of differentiated market segments in Indonesia. Not just providing high-quality cattle products, this partnership also ensures that their beef products’ pricing meets the consumer demand.

Pricing is a primary consideration because it will determine whether beef products are affordable to most local consumers. Thus, both countries and project partners must decide carefully.

Cattle investment opportunities are open for domestic and foreign investors who like to develop the red meat and cattle sector through funding. They comprise the increasing supply chain, developing cattle population to meet the local demand, and providing high-quality beef products.