3 Dutch Facts That Call Center Netherlands Should Know

tembakan sekelompok pebisnis yang bekerja di call center - call center potret stok, foto, & gambar bebas royaltiTo enter and conquer the market in the Netherlands, foreign businesses need to know how to attract customers by understanding the local language and values. Before hiring call center Netherlands agents, learn some Dutch customer behavior first to get some insight.

Dutch customers are thriving with a great life expectancy, good public services, as well as a healthy economy. Understanding what Dutch customers want and need from your business is going to help you train customer service agents properly and help your Dutch customers get a better experience.

Dutch Customers Behavior Call Center Netherlands Must Know

Conducting research on Dutch customers’ behavior should be done before entering the market. That’s how you can find qualified call center agents who speak Dutch fluently and know how to handle all Dutch customers and keep them all happy. Below are some behaviors to learn.

  • Clear messaging

Dutch and Germans are very similar. They all appreciate it when customer service agents get to the point without wasting time saying things they don’t need to know. To appeal to your Dutch customers, you need to help every one of them get things done.

Call center Netherlands must be able to answer every question of each Dutch customer without saying useless things. But, unlike Germans, Dutch customers are okay with creativity and humor as long as the call center agent can deploy the information they need clearly.

  • Time management

Dutch people value scheduling more than everyone else in the world. A unique fact about Dutch people and scheduling is those people sometimes plan their social events with their friends at least six weeks in advance. They won’t change this plan unless something very interesting distracts them.

So, if your call center Netherlands agents are trying to promote an event or service, make sure that those agents are providing options and a lot of notice. Only a super compelling offer will make Dutch customers change their social plans with their friends. Make the most compelling offers for them.

  • Modesty and honesty

Dutch people are also comfortable with complete honesty and being direct. They also love modesty and won’t show off their wealth. One taboo thing in the Netherlands is money. However, Dutch people are also loyal to branded goods. This means promoting new branded products to Dutch customers will be hard. You can only succeed if you can provide excellent customer service for them before they’re finally interested in purchasing your products.

Call center Netherlands should know the best way to win Dutch customers’ hearts. People in the country really appreciate clear messaging and they don’t want to waste their time listening to something unhelpful.

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