real prize claw machine app Canada

All You Need to Know about Real Prize Claw Machine App Canada

Playing a claw machine is fun and all. Are you looking for a claw machine app that offers real prizes? If you are, look no further than the real prize claw machine app Canada. It is an app that allows you to play claw machines in Japan and win real, uniquely Japanese prizes.

While you control a claw remotely, the app still gives you the excitement of playing a claw machine. Not to mention you can claim your prize and get it shipped to your door.

Real Prize Claw Machine App Canada: How Does It Work?

If you are new to playing a claw machine online, you might want to know how the app works before playing any game. After all, you are in Canada while the claw machines are situated in Japan. How do you play the game and how can you get the prize if you win?

You are controlling a claw machine through the app. The app gives you a live feed of the machine in real time. When you touch a certain command, the claw will follow. It is not that different from playing a claw machine in an arcade, only that you are not physically present while playing an online one.

When you win, you can get your prize shipped from the heart of Japan to Canada via DHL or EMS. It shouldn’t take long before it arrives at your door.

100% Uniquely Japanese Prizes

The real prize claw machine app Canada offers over 2,000 prize items. To make it simpler, these prizes are divided into categories. For example, under electronics, there are wireless earphones, mini cool boxes, and cameras.

Under anime, there are action figures, big plushies, small plushies, as well as many other exclusive and limited edition merchandises. Under food, Japanese ramen cup noodles, snack calpas, and delicious sticks.

And many more. All of the prizes are uniquely Japanese. So if you love all things Japanese, you definitely want to try the real prize claw machine app.

Win a Real Prize for as Low as $1

The cost to play a claw machine varies from one machine to another. Usually, it depends on the prizes players can win. In the app, it costs only $1 to play a game. This cost is the same regardless of wherever you are. You can win a real prize for as low as $1.

If you are looking for a fun game to play, try the real prize claw machine app. It gives you the experience of playing Japanese claw machine games and the opportunity to win unique prizes from the heart of Japan.

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