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Claw Machine App: Is it Better than Arcade Claw Machines in Canada? 

Lately, the claw machine is getting more popular than before. A number of adults and kids visit the amusement arcades in Canada just to play this game. Meanwhile, others choose to play it on their mobile phones. They download a claw machine app and play it as often as they want.

What makes these Canadians have different preferences? Well, the real claw machines and the app have different characteristics and people in Canada think that one is better than the other.

Gaming Experience Comparison

Regarding the gaming experience, the claw machine in the arcade and the claw machine mobile app offers enjoyable games for their players. Both of them have exciting gameplay so that their users can have fun. Moreover, the arcade claw machine and the app have interesting prizes for the winners.

Another similarity of playing the real machine and the app is that players need to purchase a ticket for each game they play. Without this ticket, they will not be able to operate the machine or the app and consequently, lose their opportunities to win the prizes.

The difference is that the arcade claw machine offers a real claw machine gaming experience. Moreover, those who win the game will get the prizes directly.

Meanwhile, the claw machine mobile app offers almost real gaming experience for its players. The video game of this app looks real and attractive. The app also offers different claw machines for them. Players will find five types of claw machines and they can choose any one of them to play.

However, the winners will not be able to get their prize directly. They need to wait for a few days for the prize to arrive. The claw machine mobile app also allows its players to play the machine anywhere they are at any time of the day.

Prizes from Arcade Claw Machines

The prizes available in the arcade claw machines are generally stuffed toys. Some of the prizes are stuffed Pokemon, teddy bears, and stuffed Hello Kitty. These prizes are popular among little girls and women, but men may not like it very much.

Few arcade claw machines offer out of ordinary prizes, such as toilet tissues, ice cream, and snacks. However, not every amusement arcade in Canada has claw machines with these unique prizes. 

Prizes from the Claw Machine App

Meanwhile, the claw machine mobile app has various prizes, which are grouped into 5 categories. These categories are food, electronics, soft toys, toys, and anime. Those included in the food category are Japanese snacks, cup noodles, and other snacks.

Meanwhile, the electronic categories have video cameras, wireless earphones, and mini USB charging boxes. Its players also have opportunities to win anime figurines, vending machine toys, radio control cars, stuffed Snoopy, and anime storage boxes.

How to Play the Claw Machine Mobile App

The claw machine mobile app is easy to play. Most of its players got more than one prize from this app. After downloading this gaming app, players can start the game by purchasing the game tickets and choosing the prize they want to win. After that, they must claw the prize.

Many people consider the online claw machine game better than the arcade claw machine. They have this opinion because the app can be played anytime and anywhere in a more comfortable way. Moreover, it also has a wide range of prizes for the winners.

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