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Claw Machine App Game for Girls Around The World

Parents would love to teach their kids with toys and games. One amazing game parents can use to teach their kids is the online claw machine app. This app will help parents to teach their kids that their hard work will be rewarded. The game will let the player of this game win amazing prizes.

Parents with little girls can teach their kids this online claw machine game. There are so many prizes waiting for those little girls to win the game. Players cannot get the prizes without doing anything. Each player who wants to win the plush toys below needs to win the game first.

Cinnamoroll Plush Toy

The very first prize little girls can win after playing Claw Plus is Cinnamoroll plush toy. This is a 20cm plush toy with white and blue colors and black-colored clothes. To win this prize, you need to exchange 200 points after playing the online claw machine game.

Cinamoroll himself is a chubby male dog that has white fur, pink cheeks, blue eyes, and a curly tail. The tail of this chubby dog looks like a cinnamon roll. The unique Cinnamoroll plush toy comes with long ears. People said that the long ears of Cinnamoroll can help him fly.

Play Claw Machine App And Win Drippy

Another plush toy you can win by playing the online claw machine game is the Drippy plush toy from Final Fantasy XIV. This cute Drippy plush toy has soft blue and white colors with navy blue eyes. The size of this plush toy is 40cm, it is a huge reward for your little one.

Just like the previous prize, to win the Drippy plush toy from the Claw Plus online game, you need to exchange 200 points. Keep playing until you win the cute Drippy plush toy from Final Fantasy XIV.

Pochacco Plush Toy from Online Claw Game

Pochacco is a chubby-faced dog character from Sanrio. He has white furry skin and black ears. The good news is, the online claw machine game allows you to win the 16cm Pochacco plush toy. This plush toy has a sitting pose and is wearing a soft blue shirt.

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