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Collect Authentic Figurines by Winning Pokemon Claw Machine Online

Pokemon claw machine online allows you to get authentic Japanese authentic Pokemon figurines through a nice gameplay. It comes with a true made in Japan prizes since they have exclusive merchandising contracts with many anime series. It is a perfect time to add collections with rare figurines.

All the Pokemon figurines are not for sale and you only can get them by winning this claw machine game. You do not need to go all the way overseas to hunt the limited edition Pokemon items. It is a win-win solution for the fans of this anime characters to enrich Pokemon collectibles.

Merchandises to Win in Pokemon Claw Machine Online

pokemon claw machine

There are a good range of Pokemon merchandise you can get by winning the game. You can claim the official anime merchandise just by paying as low as $1 on each claw machine. Here are types of merchandise you can win by playing Pokemon claw game no matter where you are.

  • Plush Items

Most merchandises offered by this game are plush items. There is a Kabigon Mega Big plush cushion in 42 cm. There are also other 22 cm big plushies that can sing in Clefairy, Lapras, and Minccio characters. There are smaller plush either in 9 cm that comes out as Squirtle, Eevee, Axew, and Piplup characters.

You can win Pikachu plush slippers if you want to have unique and comfortable footwear.

  • Flip Calendar

Remind you daily activities by getting Pokemon flip calendar. This item is not only unique but also flexible to put everywhere.

  • Storage Box

Want to get a cute storage box? You can get it by winning this claw machine game. It is since you can choose to win a 50 cm Pokemon storage box with Eeve character.

  • Pouch

There are also Pokemon face pouch with different characters. They are great to keep your small belongings such as makeup or coins.

  • Towel

You can win a die-cut 100 cm big towel with Pokemon characters. This uniquely shaped towel is not only perfect for kids but also adult Pokemon fans.

  • Wrist Watch

Colorful pop wrist watch is another merchandise you can win in Pokemon claw game. They come in elegant design so they are suitable for Pokemon fans of all ages.

  • Eco Bag

There is also Pokemon eco bag that will help you to reduce plastic use. Besides, it is designed with Eco-friendly material and cute Pokemon characters.

How to Win the Prizes

Among those various Pokemon merchandises, you can choose one you like the most. Then, it will direct you to the particular claw machine you have to play. Each machine comes with different ways of play so you need to play attention in the directions.

Play the claw machine as best as you can. Once you successfully win the game, you can win the Pokemon prize you have already chosen. It will be shipped directly from Japan via DHL or EMS.

Pokemon claw machine online is easy way to add your Pokemon collections with authentic Japanese and limited-edition figurines through a low purchase or free gameplay with limited time offer.

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