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Educative Game Online with Real Prizes for Kids

Everyone loves claw machines. This game allows you to win a real prize. Each claw machine or crane game offers different prizes for the winner. Some of them will give you dolls and plushies while the others offer snacks and keychains. Now, you can play a crane game online with real prizes.

This online crane game allows you to play at home and still get the prize you desire. But to play this amazing game, you need to have a smartphone. And make sure you are connected to the internet so you can always play this crane game anytime you want to.

Fun Game Online for Everyone

Both Play Store and App Store offer amazing games for everyone. But some games may bring negative effects on your kids. If you’re a parent and you are concerned about your kids’ entertainment, consider replacing their games with the fun and addictive Claw Plus & Claw Topia.

Online claw games will teach your kids how to win a prize. Kids who spend most of their time at home because of the pandemic will likely play with their smartphones. Help them think and figure out the best strategies by installing a claw machine game. This game is not just fun but has an educative aspect.

Cool Game Online with Real Prizes

Just like the original crane game, this attractive online claw machine also allows your kids to win prizes. After installing the game and logging in, your kids can choose the best prizes they want. And then they can start playing to win their favorite prizes.

When your kids finally win the game, they will receive the prizes they desire in a couple of days. The developer of this game is based in Japan. They will ship the prizes directly to your house. While waiting for the prizes to reach your front door, your kids can continue playing the game.

Easy to Play

What makes this game more special is its gameplay. Kids will understand how to play Claw Plus & Claw Topia instantly. The game comes in two language options: Japanese and English. The gameplay is similar to classic crane games in amusement parks.

But now your kids don’t have to leave the house just to play with their favorite crane machine. All you have to do is download the game from the App Store or Play Store. And then fill in the details required by the game developer. Then your kids can start playing the game.


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