Japan Claw Machine App: Features, Bonuses, and Download

The claw game apps available on the application stores come in two types. They are pure simulation claw game apps and real arcade claw game apps. The latter is perfect for gamers who want to enjoy a more satisfying gaming experience. To enjoy it, gamers must consider the Japan claw machine app.

This claw game app offers a real arcade game experience through its real claw machines. Gamers will not find animated machines on this app. Moreover, this app also has other great features and gives bonuses to users.

Japan Claw Game App Features

Japan claw game app is full of excellent features. The combination of those features has created an impressive gaming experience for gamers. Below are these features.

  • Five Claw Machine Types: Gamers will find five different claw machines when they open the app. Each machine has attractive gameplay. Moreover, these machines look like real claw machines in the arcade.
  • Free Play: The five claw machines on this app work differently. Gamers who are not familiar with the gameplay can use the free play feature. This feature allows gamers to learn more about the machines and to practice playing them. Therefore, they will have better chances to win.
  • 24/7 Customer Satisfaction Team: This claw machine app provides a 24/7 customer satisfaction team. The team will respond to gamers’ enquires immediately and will offer the best solution to solve the gamers’ problems.
  • Exclusive Prizes: Many prizes are available on this claw game app. They are high-quality items made in Japan. Some prizes are very functional, for example, cameras and earphones. Others are exclusive prizes, such as limited-edition figurines and toys.
  • No Shipping Cost: Gamers who win prizes do not need to worry about shipping costs. The game developer does not charge shipping costs to gamers in shipping the prizes to their addresses.

App Bonuses

New users will get 5 free game tickets. They can use the tickets for playing any claw machines on this app. With these game tickets, gamers will have five chances to win the prize for free. After gamers run out of the bonus tickets, they must purchase game tickets before playing. Each ticket costs $1.

How to Download Japan Claw Machine App

This claw machine is compatible with iPhone and Android mobile phones. Therefore, gamers can download the app via App Store and Google Play Store. Downloading this app is similar to downloading other apps. Consequently, gamers will not have difficulties downloading the claw game app.

The Japan claw game app is the best claw game app gamers can have. It offers almost real claw crane gaming and real prizes. To find out how good this app is, gamers must download this claw machine app.

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