Japanese Claw Machine Game Online: Play Claw Machine Remotely and Win the Prize

Japanese Claw Machine (JCM) is a claw machine game online that allows players around the world, including Canada, to remotely control claw machines that are located in Japan. Even if a player is thousands of kilometers away from the machine, they can have the prize they win delivered to their door.

How to Play

  1. Select the prize
  2. Play the game
  3. Win the prize
  4. Have the prize shipped to your door

Various Claw Machine Game Online Categories

JCM has various claw machine game categories. Each game has a different objective. If the player succeeds in completing the objective, the prize is theirs to claim. Here are the categories:

  • Bridge-style game

In this game, the prize is placed between rods. To win the prize, the player must drop the prize.

  • Ping-pong ball

The objective of this game is to move a ball to a designated hole in the container.

  • Treasure hunt

To win the prize in this game, the player must pick up the chain connected to the prize.

  • Hang & hook & shake

To win the prize, the player must drop the item by hooking the pink ring.

  • Bounded machine

This game has the player dropping the prize by slipping it through the rubber bands.


What makes the game worth trying is the number of prizes offered. There are just so many of them. With as little as $1, players can win various anime merchandise, toys, soft toys, food, and electronics.

  • Anime merchandise

Merchandise from famous titles such as Dragon Ball, One Piece, Pokemon, and others are available. Many of them are exclusive, not-for-sale items.

  • Toys

You can win toys like miniature toys and radio control cars from the game.

  • Soft toys

For those who like plushies, pillows, and the like, the game offers soft toys of varying sizes.

  • Food

From anime-themed wafers, snack calpas, ramen instant noodles, a box of katsu, to delicious stick snacks.

  • Electronics

Various electronics, including a waterproof video camera, a mini cool box, wireless earphones, toaster, donut maker, crepe maker, roasted potato maker, and electric kettle are available as well.

International Shipping Available

The game accommodates players around the world. Even if you live in Canada, you can get your prize delivered to your door. 

All of the prizes on JCM are shipped directly from Japan. The shipment is done via either DHL or EMS.

Customer Service

JCM is dedicated to providing customer satisfaction. It has a customer service staff that is ready to help players win the prize. 

If a player is having difficulty winning a prize, a customer service staff may reposition the prize for the player.  JCM also has live chat customer support that is available 24/7.

Premium Tickets

Using premium tickets, players can play a game for free. Currently, JCM has a limited-time offer for new players. 

New players will be rewarded with 5 premium tickets. All they need to do is to download and play the game.

Many people have downloaded the game. Many players have won the prizes, with 10+ million prizes having been won so far. 

If you are interested in this claw machine game online, you can get it on Google Play or download it on the Apple Store.

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