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JCM: A Japanese Claw Machine App that Allows You to Play and Win Various Unique Prizes

Experience a new way of playing claw machine with Japanese Claw Machine or JCM app. It is a claw machine app that allows you to play claw machine remotely. Indeed, while you are in the UK, the machine is half a world away in Japan. Play the game, win the prize, and have it delivered to your door.

How to Play the Claw Machine App

Firstly, select the prize you want to win. The app offers a wide selection of prizes. You can win anything from anime merchandise, toys, soft toys, electrics, to even food.

Secondly, play the game. Like the prize, the claw machine game varies as well. Each game has a different objective. We will tell you more about this in the next section.

Thirdly, win the prizes. Meet the objective of the game and get the prize.

Fourthly, get your price shipped to the UK from Japan using either DHL or EMS.

That’s it, Thow you play the app.

Types of Game

You can play various claw machine games on the app, including

  • Bridge-style

In this game, the prize is placed on rods. The objective is to drop it.

  • Ping-pong ball

You win this game when you can place a ball on the designated hole.

  • Treasure hunt

You “hunt” the treasure by picking up the chain that is connected to the prize.

  • Hang & hook & shake

To win this game, you must hook the pink ring to drop.

  • Bounded machine game

This game is similar to bridge-style. You need to drop the prize. However, instead of dropping it from rods, you slip the prize into rubber bands.

What Are the Prizes?

So far, JCM has given 10+ million prizes to the users. Available prizes on this game include anime merchandise toys, soft toys, electronics, and food.

  • Anime merchandise

You can win various anime merchandise from famous titles like Pokemon, Dragon Ball, and One Piece, just to name a few.

  • Toys

JCM offers toys such as miniature toys and radio control cars.

  • Soft toys

Plushies and pillows of all sizes are available also.

  • Electronics

You can win various electronics, from a waterproof video camera, mini cool box, crepe maker, donut maker, mini cool box, roasted potato maker, to electronic kettle.

  • Food

IF you want to taste Japanese food and drink, you can win them on this game.

Customer Service

JCM has an excellent customer service staff that is always ready to help users. If you have any issues playing the game, you can contact live chat support. It is available 24/7. Also, if you have difficulty winning a prize, staff may help you by moving the prize so it is easier for you to win.

Premium Tickets

Currently, the app offers a total of 5 premium tickets for new users. Using these tickets, users can play any claw machine for free.

Many players around the world have used this claw machine app and win prizes. So far, the app has given over 10 million prizes to users. If you are interested in JCM, you can download it on App Store or get it on Google Play.

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