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Play Disney Game Online and Win Real Disney Merchandise

Beating claw machines is fun. But do you know what’s more fun? Getting real, official merchandise that you love. If you want to collect real, official Disney and Pixar merchandise, look no further than Clawtopia. It is an app that allows you to play Disney game online and win real prizes.

About Clawtopia

Clawtopia offers a unique claw machine experience. Using the app, you don’t have to be physically present to play a claw machine. The claw machines are in Japan, while you can be anywhere else. Where you are doesn’t matter as the prize you win will be delivered to you.

Using the app, you play claw machines remotely. You control the machine in real-time using your mobile phone while being given a real-time video feed of the machine. Enjoy the thrill of claw machine while you’re in the comfort of your home or while on the go.

Clawtopia offers more than 2,000 prize items, including official, limited edition Disney and Pixar merchandise. If you love to collect Disney and Pixar merchandise, it is not an opportunity you want to miss.

You can download Clawtopia on App Store or get it on Google Play. So far, it has been downloaded more than 31 million times with over 10 million prizes have been given.

About the Claw Machines

On Clawtopia, there are five types of claw machines. Namely, bridge-style, ping-pong ball, treasure hunt, hang & hook & shake, and bounded machine. When you win the prize, you can have it delivered to your home via DHL or EMS from Japan.

Clawtopia offers unlimited free plays. Using this feature, you can practice and hone your claw machine skills to improve your chance of winning.

How to Play the Disney Game Online

How to play the Disney claw machine game depends on its type. For example, if you’re playing a bridge-style claw machine, you win the game by dropping the price between the rods. Likewise, if you’re playing a treasure hunt claw machine, you win by picking the chain that is connected to the prize.

Before you play, you get to decide on what kind of prize you want. From a Donald Duck plush, Q Posket Jessie, Stuffed Duffy, Mickey Mouse bath towel, to Disney stainless lunch pot. 

Once you’ve chosen your prize, play the game, win, and claim the prize. Have the prize delivered to your door via DHL or EMS from Japan. International shipping is available, so you need not worry about your prize not arriving.

Download Now and Try It for Free

Want to give it a try? Download the app now. Currently, Clawtopia has a limited-time offer for new players. New players who just downloaded the app will receive five premium tickets. Using these tickets, you can play any claw machine that you want free of charge.Playing the Disney game online on Clawtopia is a fun way to collect Disney and Pixar merchandise. With just as little as USD 1, you can have the opportunity to win awesome merchandise of your choosing. Plus, you get to practice as many times as you want to improve your chance of winning, too.

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