Play Online Claw Machine Game on Clawtopia

We all know how thrilling beating claw machines can be. But what if you can do it remotely, in the comfort of your home, win the prize of your choosing, and get it shipped to your door? These are exactly what the app offers. On the app, you can play an online claw machine game and win real prizes.

About the App

Clawtopia is an app that allows you to play five different types of claw machines remotely. Namely, Bridge Style, Ping-Pong Ball, Treasure Hunt, Hang & Hook & Shake, and Bounded Machine.

That’s not the only thing the app offers, of course. On the app, you can also practice playing these machines for free. So if you want to hone your claw machine skills, you have unlimited opportunities to do so.

The app has been downloaded over 31 million times and 10+ million prizes have been given away. The app has an average of 1,000 players playing games daily.

The claw machine app is available on both App Store and Google Play. This means regardless of the device you use, you can get the thrill of beating claw machines in the comfort of your home.

Play Online Claw Machine Game

To play on the app, the first thing you need to do is to select your prize. There is a wide range of selections. From anime merchandise to a wireless earphone, USB charging box, and waterproof camera with stand arm.

After that, play the claw machine and win your prize. If you’re not confident enough with your claw machine skills or want to get used to a certain machine, play the free plays. The app offers unlimited free plays, so take your time, practice, and be a claw machine champion.

When you win the prize, have it shipped to your home. International shipping is available to over 60 countries. The item is shipped directly from Japan via either DHL or EMS to your address.

Win the Prizes for Free

For new players, the app offers five premium tickets for free. Using these premium tickets, a player can play any claw machine of their choosing. All you need to do to get this limited-time offer is to download the app and that’s it. Get your premium tickets, play, and win the prizes for free.

As for the prizes, there are five categories: anime, toys, soft toys, food, and electronics. All of them are uniquely Japanese items. If you love Japan and/or have friends that do so, it is certainly not an opportunity you want to miss.

24/7 Customer Satisfaction Team

Facing a problem or need a quick solution while playing? There is a 24/7 customer satisfaction team that will gladly help you. You can reach out to the team directly easily. Plus, they may even make winning a prize easier, too. You can ask a representative to place the prize in their original position, for example.

If you want to play an online claw machine game, just download the app. You can play claw machines remotely, win uniquely Japanese prizes you want, and have them shipped to your door. On the app, it is easy to win.

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