Real Anime Figures from A Unique Online Game

Anime lovers will do anything to win anime figures and collectibles. Some anime lovers are willing to spend all their money to get the figures they desire. But some others have less budget to collect those figures. What should they do to get the figures they want?

The easiest and cheapest way to win anime figurines is by playing an online game. However, not all online games allow you to win anime figurines. You should choose and play the best games that are going to let you win real prizes.

Awesome Online Game to Win Figures

What kind of online game will give you a wonderful real prize? Some people play this unique online claw machine game and win their favorite anime figures. The name of this game is Clawtopia and it is available in both Play Store and App Store for free. What can you win from this game?

One Piece Anime Figures

One Piece is a super famous anime and anyone across the world loves collecting its characters. If you are one of One Piece lovers, they play this online claw machine game. The game is offering the Nico Robin figurine for only $1 while its original price reaches $50.

It also offers some different figurines of One Piece to complete your collection. Each collectible figurine from this game is worth $40. Use your premium ticket and you are going to be able to win the prize for free. The premium tickets will only be available for new players.

LoveLive! Anime Figures

LoveLive! is another anime from Japan. It is about young girls who join a club at their school. Clawtopia is providing many LoveLive! figurines for the lovers of this anime. One of them is the Takami Chika figurine which is worth $30. But you only have to spend a dollar to win this game.

If you want to get exclusive prizes from this online crane game, choose the Kunikida Hanamaru figurine as your prize. The developer of this game is going to let you win an exclusive figurine. Unlike the Takami Chika figurine, the Kunikida Hanamaru figurine is an exclusive prize you cannot find anywhere else.


There are many more anime figures you can win by playing this outstanding online game. For example, you can win Dragon Ball figurines, Demon Slayer figurines, Pokémon figurines, and so on. Use your premium tickets and you will be able to get those prizes for free. Or spend a dollar to win each game.

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