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Real Claw Machine App for Love Live! Lovers

For some people, games are like an oasis. They can always run into their games at the end of an exhausting day. If you’re one of those people and now looking for the right game to play, consider downloading the real claw machine app and playing the game.

This online claw machine game is specially designed for those who love Japanese anime. So many real prizes provided by the game developer are exclusive prizes from Japan. Some prizes you can get by playing this online claw machine game are the Love Live! figurines.

Love Live! Figurines from Claw Machine Game

Love Live! itself is a Japanese series that focuses on teenage schoolgirls groups who become school idols. And one of its main characters is the Yu Takasaki. If you play the claw machine game online and win Yu Takasaki figurine, the figurine looks just the same as the original Takasaki in the anime.

The figurine you are about to win is wearing the uniform of Nijigasaki High School. She has green eyes and medium-length hair in twin tails hairstyle. She also has green color on the tips of her hair. This Yu Takasaki figurine is the first prize you need to win if you love the Nijigasaki High School team.

Real Claw Machine App with Real Prize

Another member of the Nijigasaki High School idol club is Shioriko Mifune. She has a slim figure and semi-long hair in dark green. She also has vermilion eyes and is wearing a small ribbon in yellow on her head.

If you want to collect the figurine of this character, make sure that you keep playing with the claw machine.

Just like Yu Takasaki’s figurine, this figurine of Shioriko Mifune is also wearing the uniform of Nijigasaki High School. When you place this figurine just next to the Yu Takasaki figurine, you will get a beautiful collection to show off. What else should you get from the claw machine game online?

Cute Figurine from Online Crane Game

Since you are collecting the members of the Nijigasaki High School idol club, you need to choose the Ayumu Uehara figurine as your next prize. This figurine is going to complete the previous figurines you have won. Ayumu figurine is also wearing her school uniform.

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