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Toy Story Claw Machine Game Is Surprisingly Easy to Play

All kids absolutely love games, even some adults still love playing games, toy story claw machine games in particular. 

The claw game indeed makes everyone excited and annoyed at the same time. This arcade game still becomes their favourite for some reasons. 

You will feel excited once you successfully grab the prize. Conversely, the game tends to irritate you whenever you fail to pick up the prize from the claw machine. 

The actual claw machine is certainly harder to play than the mini claw machine game. 

How to Operate Toy Story Claw Machine Game

The launch of the toy story claw game derives from the movie popularity itself. In that movie, there is a rocket shaped claw machine containing green aliens as prizes.

It quite takes everyone’s attention. Apparently, the toy story claw game release really surprises anyone in a good way. 

  1. Insert the Prize

Just like other types of crane games, toy story claw machine games allow you to fill it with any kinds of items as prizes. However, the toy story claw game usually comes together with mini aliens’ toys as the prizes. 

While you play the claw games, you can improvise a bit by adding a distinctive prize such as candies, tiny plush, and other small toys. Before you start playing the game, you can insert the prizes inside the claw machine game. 

  1. Move Joystick

The toy story claw game is relatively easy to operate. You only need to manoeuvre the claw up, down, left or right. The small size of the joystick allows you to move around the claw easily. 

While you turn on the claw machine toy, it will automatically play the music and blinking lights.

  1. Aim the Prize

You need to move around the joystick here and there until it reaches the precise position of the prize you aim for. 

Once you get it, you can drop the claw immediately to grab the prize. Aiming for the prize might require concentration and accuracy.

Features in Claw Machine Game

Generally, claw machine games have several main features. When you purchase a good claw machine game, you should check its main features to determine its performance.

  1. Power Source

The claw machine game commonly utilizes a battery as the power source. This kind of claw game is relatively small so it only requires batteries as the power source. But some claw machine toys force you to plug the USB cable into the power source. 

  1. The Sound

To increase excitement when you play the claw machine game, there is the classic sound of an arcade game. This arcade game music allows you to feel nostalgic playing the vending claw machine. 

  1. Lights

Once you turn on this claw machine game, the colourful lights are automatically up and so is the game arcade sound. This feature makes the mini claw games more fascinating. 

  1. Prize

Some claw machine toys don’t include the prize. No worries, you can pick small items as prizes to complete the claw machine toys. 

The toy story claw machine game is very easy to operate. It contains main features that bring out nostalgic feelings for adult players and becomes an amazing gift for kids. 

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